Howard Elementary School
Here are some Online Resources you can access from home.
Emergent Readers from Mr. Greg:
  • Suggested math apps if you have access to an iPad
    • Eggy Numbers 1-100
    • Eggy Addition and Subtraction
    • Moose Math; Splash Math
    • Khan Academy Kids (some of these may require in app purchases for full access)
Below are some ideas from home that don't use technology.
  • Create a writing journal using a spiral notebook, staple paper together, etc. Draw and write at least one sentence about things they are doing while at home. Check for capitalization and ending marks and make sure picture matches what the sentence is about. 
  • Practice forming letters (uppercase and lowercase) using markers, pencils, gel pens, etc or tracing letters in sugar, salt, forming with play-doh, etc. Same with practicing sight words, silent -e words (cake, bake, hide, slide,etc.), CVC words (cat, got, sit, fan, etc.)
  • Math Things You Can Practice at Home:
    • Counting to 100 by ones, tens, and fives
    • Identifying coins and their values (penny, nickel, dime, and quarter). 1st grade practice, counting coins of the same value (3 nickels are worth 15 cents; 2 quarters are worth 50 cents, etc.)
    • Comparing numbers—give your student two numbers—have him/her identify which number is greater/which one is less
    • Practice addition/subtraction with M&Ms, Skittles, Cheerios, etc. Write a math equation to go with the problem you create (example: I had 5 M&Ms but I ate 3. How many M&Ms do I have now? 5-3=2.
    • Give your student a collection to count. Write how many is in the collection.
    • Practice writing numbers to 100.
  • Reading/Language Arts
    • Read with your student every day.
    • Find words in the book your student reads to you. Have your student tap out the sounds in the word.
    • Choose 5 words from your student’s sight word list. Practice these words for 5-10 minutes daily.
We miss you all!  Be Safe!
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