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2nd Grade Resources
Hey parents!! Hope everyone is resting up. We miss the kiddos already. In thinking about some activities the kids could do for the next couple weeks, we've come up with a list.
  • Have your kids spend two or three 15-20 minute chunks of time a day doing “read to self”...they know what that is, we do it everyday
  • After every book they read they have some options: write title/characters/setting/problem/solution, write a review of the book, write an informational paragraph about something they learned if they are reading a nonfiction text .
  • Write letters to nursing homes or write Ms. A a letter and snap a picture to send to me via dojo (I'LL WRITE BACK!)
  • Play card games where cards are added or subtracted.
  • Play dice games where dice quantities are added could use four dice to make two digit numbers (add and subtract)
  • Add the value of a pile of coins; talk about what can be bought with that amount of money
  • Practice sight words...if you don’t know what words just ask and I’ll send you lists for your child
  • Art hub for kids (YouTube) is a great directed drawing outlet...after drawing have them write a story about what is happening in their picture, who/what/where are they/what are they doing.
  • Youtube actually has Disney World rides that you can watch. Tried that yesterday and its pretty cool.  Link: Disney Rides!
See you all soon!

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