Howard Elementary School

3rd Grade Resources

Online Resources

IXL Login - Math & ELA (There is also an app!)

  • Username: (Student ID#) @howardele
  • Password: (Last 4 Digits of Student ID#)

Clever Login - Many websites can be accessed through this link. (Students should know their login information.)

Reading Plus

Prodigy home


Suggested At-Home Activities

  • Have kids spend two or three 15-20 minute chunks of time a day doing “read to self”
  • After every book they read they have some options: write title/characters/setting/problem/solution, write a review of the book, write an informational paragraph about something they learned if they are reading a nonfiction text
  • Write letters to nursing homes, family, or friends 
  • Write a story about your favorite thing to do
  • Creat a cartoon with lots of dialogue
  • A fun learning activity can be seen in the LEGO Challenge below.
 30 day lego

Shared Vision

Pursuing academic excellence, developing personal motivation, and inspiring continued learning endeavors in preparation for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Howard Elementary commits to growing learners who are college and career ready through quality instruction, effective use of resources, building a collaborative culture, and strong leadership.