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5th Grade Resources
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IXL Login- Math & ELA (There is also an app!)

  • Username: (Student ID#) @howardele
  • Password: (Last 4 Digits of Student ID#)

Clever Login- Many websites can be accessed through this link. (Students should know their login information.)

Reading Plus (Complete your weekly goals!)


Suggested At-Home Activities

1. Read (at least 20 minutes a day) a book, magazine, newspaper article, etc. and summarize it.

2. Draw a picture and write a story.

3. Keep a journal about your feelings and experiences during this time.

4. Use boxes to build a fort and compute the volume. Do it in inches and convert it to feet. Repeat using centimeters.

5. Figure how much you would need of each ingredient in a recipe, if you halved it, doubled it, etc.

6. Experiment with toys and ramps to see what effect the height of the ramp has on speed. Also experiment with toys having different weights.

7. Review your science flashcards.

8. Make up math problems involving whole numbers, decimals and fractions. Solve the problems and then use a calculator to check them.

9. Create a word problem involving fractions and then draw a model to prove your answer.

10. Pretend you were alive during a different historical time period, and write a story about your life. Include as many historical facts as you can.

Shared Vision

Pursuing academic excellence, developing personal motivation, and inspiring continued learning endeavors in preparation for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Howard Elementary commits to growing learners who are college and career ready through quality instruction, effective use of resources, building a collaborative culture, and strong leadership.